Nu Vision Capital can provide flexible funding
options with our alternative capital financing solutions.

Our alternative capital financing solutions are
suited perfectly to your business in order to
maximize the positive impact on your cash flow.

Cash Advance

Instead of submitting and financing against individual invoices we evaluate your previous months of your electronic payment receipts volume and finances against the business’ future projected electronic payment activity. Repayment for financing occurs through collection of a predetermined fixed percentage of your future electronic receivables. Our financing is non-recourse (no personal guarantee on periodic or final repayment for advance products) and unsecured (no asset or cash flow collateral required). Good candidates are clients that receive regular payments (no less frequent than weekly) from a diversified client base OR from government sources. Any business that would typically consider receivables factoring would be a good candidate for our product.

Business Loan

If your business doesn’t accept electronic payments, we can still provide a fast, easy way to increase your cash flow.  A loan product solution is a perfect fit for any business that requires more than a traditional bank loan can offer in a shorter period of time.  Loan products require minimal paperwork, no fixed asset collateral and fund within 7 days.

Benefits Of A Loan

Higher approval rates than bank loans. Streamlined application process with minimal paperwork. Fixed automated repayment allowing for simplified structure and cash flow management. Unrestricted use of funds.

Apply Now – for alternative capital financing for your business.

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Has your business been open at least 3 months?
Does your business average at least $8,000 per month in gross sales or receivables?
Is the credit score of the business owner at least 520 or Higher?
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